Monday, 25 July 2011

Review: Manly 120 palette...

The "Manly 120 palette" I ordered 3 weeks ago arrived and I'm very happy!

After watching countless reviews on youtube, i decided to give it a go and I'm not disapointed. I bought it from ebay for $30 (shipping included). Although it arrived with bubble wrap all around, some eyeshadow were cracked. It's easy to see that great care has gone into its packaging so I don't mind some of them beeing broken. I find this palette very handy, it really suits any looks one would go for. With a mix of matte and shimmery eyeshadows, most of them highly pigmented. Without mentionning its compact and slim case, easy to carry around. Considering the variety of the colors, the quality of the eyeshadows and the price and packaging, I would happily give it a thumbs up.

Do you already own one? What do think?

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