Sunday, 3 July 2011

Clinique 3 steps...

This is Clinique's 3 steps system
  • Step 1 Cleanse: Liquid facial soap (oily skin formula)
  • Step 2 Exfoliate: Clarifying Lotion 3 (for all skin type)
  • Step 3 Moisturise: Dramatically different moisturizing gel

I felt that my skin needed special care so I purchased it. After hearing so many great reviews I thought I would give it a go. Tried it for 7 weeks, once a day. It claims to soften, smoothe and improve the skin and I must admit that my skin was very clean and had a certain glow. However, along came horrible breakouts (even weeks after I decided to stop using it, it took a long time for my skin to get back to normal).

Will I purchase it again? No, it might be hit for other people but it was a miss for me. I didnt finish it and it's still there in my bathroom. My skin really hated the liquid facial soap and clarrifying lotion but the moisturizing gel was nice. I believe that if your skin already has problems such as acne, dark spots or blackheads it can help you solve it. But if your skin is not doing so bad then it probably won't be a great idea to risk using such harsh products.

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