Sunday, 30 January 2011

Mac brushes...

Blending brush 224
Can't live without this brush, it really is all about blending!

Shader brush 239
It's not good for eyeshadow application on the lid, it's a disapointement for me. Instead I use it wet (with fix +) and apply loose powder or pigments on my lid.

Pencil brush 219
Its great for blending eyeliner to create a smoky look (upper & lower lash lines), I absolutely love this brush.

Angle brush 263
I use it to fill in my brows & apply eyeshadow to my lower lash line.


  1. I've been wanting the 224 for a while now. Do you know how it compares to the 217? It's always my go-to blending brush. Nice blog, I follow you too now. (:


  2. Thanx hun,

    They both do the same job but have little differences I'd say:

    Fluffy shadow brush. Specifically designed to blend out shadow color in the crease.Great to contrast shadow within the crease or towards the V of the eye.

    It’s smaller size so it fits smaller eyelid/crease. Has fluffy bristles/more dense = much better controlled application. Its size makes it fit over the eye curve perfectly for a seamless blend. Also cheaper.

    It's really up to each individual but I prefer the 217


  3. I am so bad with makeup...Last summer I bought the Sigma brushes, they work fine...I wouldn't really know how they compare with MAC once, since I never used MAC brushes, but I do want MAC brushes. When I get better with makeup, maybe then I will get them. Its just so much money.


  4. Sigma's brushes are great too, I think no matter what brush/brand u use, it's about what your eyes see (what looks nice on u), how u play with ur make up; a lot of girls achieve amazing make up using only their fingers... And others have the best brushes but the result isnt always up to it.

  5. great picks hun,I recently bought the 217 and am loving it will check out the others u mentioned. Thanx for sharing

    Im now following u back,thanx for following me . Yay its nice 2find another Londoner hehe lol

  6. The 263 is pretty good for filling in the brows and I use it to apply my gel liner as well. It's a great brush!

  7. The 224, 217, and 219 are among my favorites! I pretty much only use the 239 with pigments because it is great at packing those on...not so much with eyeshadows, I find. So I agree with you on that one! At least, it is good for that. :)


  8. These 4 are my #1 go to brushes!! Like if you own all 4 you don't really need any other ones!!


  9. I've decided to purchase a 217 for blending, and use my existing 224 to powder my concealer (or any other product under my eyes), it's perfect for that!

  10. i need to get some makeup brushes from mac but then im not sure cause i want sigma brushes they say they work just as good!! but still a few mac brushes to have is a must lol :) i love your blog too :)

  11. Aawww, this is very beautiful!!
    I love it!! ♥

    ...OH MY VOGUE!

  12. 219 and 263 are the best. cant do a thing without them. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Im in need for some new MAC brushes, so this is really helpful :) THANXXX xoxo

  14. ich liebe den 239:-D


  15. Hi! I never got a chance to thank you for following my blog and for leaving the comment!! I didn't want you to fee as if i did not care.

    I have been looking for the perfect brushes but never know what to use them as ! Thank you for this insightful review Ill be sure to follow what you do ! xoxo