Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Orange spring...

I bought this pretty lipstick, which is perfect for summer. I love the orange/coral colour, it gives a healthy, sweet and feminine look, even better on a tanned skin. it's from Bourjois, called "Sweet kiss shine: Juicy Tangerine" n° 74

I also bought this dress from H&M (only £30). My "getting ready for summer workout" isn't complete & I'm not ready just yet to expose my sexy body so this dress is perfect. It's colourful and bright. It's confortable, it hides perfectly the extra weight and it's sexy at the same time.

What's your color for this summer?


  1. Love corals, peaches and orange!
    Perfect for Summer!

  2. What a gorgeous color! It almost looks like a sheer version of Ever Hip from the swatch. (: