Monday, 20 June 2011

Celebrity hair care secret...

My hair is naturally very fine and has been damaged since I dyed it blond two years ago. I have used countless treatments to try and fix it, but nothing seems to be good enough. I'm currently using Kerastase (known to be the best worldwide) and I know just the right product to use to give it that extra help : "Complexe 5", a unique concentration of orange and lavender oils... from the French hair care specialist himself for over 40 years, René Furterer.

The term "review" would be insulting to this product which I feel cannot receive any negative feedback. It is a plus for strong & full hair, and a must have for fine & damaged hair. I use it twice a week before washing my hair, massage it on the scalp & leave it in for 10min. Then wash my hair with shampoo & conditioner as usual. This application multiplies by 10 the effects of the conditioner treatment. The results are amazing, my hair feels stronger, has more body and shine. I'm already seeing massive improvements, soon my hair being damaged will be an old memory.

This box contains 12 little bottles, I bought mine on ebay for £35.

What do you think? Have you had the same troubles after dying your hair blond?

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